"They make me feel so sexy!" 6 women share their favourite plus-size underwear brands.

"They make me feel so sexy!" 6 women share their favourite plus-size underwear brands.

Shopping for most things is difficult when you're plus size, but when it comes to underwear? That's an entirely different – and enormous – feat on its own.

In saying this, the fashion space in Australia is going through it's very own revolution. 

In recent years, we've seen brands roll out more inclusive sizing, and we've also witnessed new labels making a concerted effort to cater to larger bodies. 

Mamamia reached out to our wider community to hear about all the best plus-size underwear brands including the ones you can shop at in store.

Here's what they had to say.


What size do they go up to? 3XL or AU 28-30.

What is their price range? Around $30 per pair.


"I love Thunderpants (I have worn these for literally decades). Thunderpants' slogan has always been 'they don't go up your bum' and it's true. They really do stay put without needing a tight elastic. Thundies are also not just plus-size, they are now gender-neutral in their online descriptions and recommendations. Also, they are a lady start-ups and have fabulous fun prints!" - Tracy O'Flynn.


What size do they go up to? 4XL or US 24-26.

What is their price range? $30-$50 range.

"I never did think I would support the Kardashians, but Skims are amazing and are available in a wide range of sizes. They go to a [size US 28] and the fabric is amazing. 

"If you buy from Skims directly, they have specials and free shipping. The shipping is really fast too." - Hollyman

Ola The Label.

What size do they go up to? 3XL or AU 24-26.

What is their price range? Around $20 per pair.

Ola The Label was created for women, by women – beginning with a promise for every person to fall back in love with themselves. Known for second skin intimates and elevated basics, Ola The Label celebrate the freedom of being your authentic self at any size. 

The brand currently offer sizes 6-24 with size expansions opportunities in the future.


What size do they go up to? 6XL or AU 26.

What is their price range? $23 for individual pairs, and up to $130 for underwear packs.

"I got sent about a dozen pairs of underwear from the Modi Bodi ranges a few weeks ago. I wasn't convinced I'd love them that much, considering I've seemed to get by on my cost effective department store briefs for the last 23 years. However, putting them on was, in short, a splendid experience. 

"I haven't stopped raving about how comfortable they are or how varied the patterns and colour ranges are. I initially believed ModiBodi were simply just period underwear, but I was sorely mistaken. While every pair can be worn in case of emergency with their moisture wicking technology, there are several styles and fits that suit all occasions.

"My personal favourite style is the Sensual Hi-Waist Brief Ultra Incontinence. It was incredibly comfortable and rested over my belly nicely without feeling like it was rubbing too harshly against my skin. I also loved how I had complete confidence in my underwear, considering my period was due at any moment." - Shannen Findlay

"My recommendation would be ModiBodi which are traditionally 'period' underwear but because I live in a warm climate (QLD) the moisture wicking fabric is handy." - Curvy Sam.

Playful Promises.

What size do they go up to? AU 30.

What is their price range? $10-$70 range.

Lacey-Jade Christie in Playful Promises Lingerie. Image: Instagram @laceyjadechristie.

"If you want to feel sexy, go for Playful Promises. I love the way they feel and the design and style are so cute." - Lacey-Jade Christie.

Underwear For Humanity.

What size do they go up to? AU 30.

What is their price range? $23-$33 range.

Lacey-Jade Christie in Underwear For Humanity. Image: Instagram @laceyjadechristie

"I love plus-size underwear. My go-to for everyday basics is Underwear For Humanity. I always go to them because they are so easy and so comfortable, and they cater for larger bodies." - Lacey-Jade Christie.

Brava Lingerie.

What size do they go up to? AU 30.

What is their price range? $20-$70 range.

"For something a little bit sexier, I go to Brava Lingerie or Playful Promises. They're just such romantic styles and I like that they cater to larger bodies who still want to feel sexy and beautiful." - Lacey-Jade Christie.

What are some of your favourite plus-size underwear brands? Let us know in the comments below!

Feature Image: Mamamia / Instagram @laceyjadechristie.

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