underwear recycling

We have pioneering underwear recycling in Australia, and will take back your old underwear - any brand, any fabric and for FREE!

Underwear recycling

Underwear is delicate and worn every single day, and therefore has a limited life with a high turn-over rate. You cannot donate it in Australia, so the only pathway is landfill.

With 204 million underwear items being imported into Australia every year that is a lot of waste! We live by our values and exist to create positive change, so we take back our waste, plus other brands!

How does it work?

Our mail-in underwear recycling system is dedicated to our customers. We would love to take everyone's underwear regardless of purchasing from us, but it costs us approx 42c per pair to recycle and the sale of our underwear covers some of that cost. We are a social enterprise running on low margins and would really love your support to help make this happen.

Please make sure to wash them and cut off any metal trims or trinkets. 

The address for posting your underwear back to will be sent to you post purchase.

How is underwear recycled?

We sort, sanitise and send for shredding. They are then processed to have a second life as carpet underlay or insulation.

Diagram showing the down-cycling process: how after underwear is manufactured and used, it can be repurposed instead of sent to landfill as waste

Until we have the infrastructure for fibre-to-fibre recycling (some estimate that is up to 10 years away), repurposing waste and diverting from landfill is the best way to keep the value in your underwear for longer.


Where do I send my underwear for recycling?

Please email us or check your order receipt which has all the details.

Do you pay for postage?

We would love to, but unfortunately, we cannot afford that cost. We pay for the storage, sorting, sanitising wash, shredding locally and shipping to process. However, the good news is that by recycling your underwear you are also supporting employment for a woman at risk of homelessness.

Is this open to everyone?

We are so excited for a future where everyone can participate in recycling their underwear. However, right now we can only afford to offer this service to our customers. We look forward to opening this up as our business grows.