Our Seamfree Bras are basically a tube, like a sock. Through rib engineering and elastic framing we develop the support adnd fit across sizing.

A/D Bras are single layer

A DD cup can easily wear the A/D but the neckline will be low, the band less supportive and the cups are single layer.

DD/GG These Bras are double layer with a wider heavier band and a higher neckline, to avoid you falling out.

Many GG+ women wear our bras, but the band will sit on the breast tissue. We are currently developing a GG+ range.


Our Sizing Compared to other Brands

BONDS - we are a more generous fit
CALVIN KLEIN - we are a similar fit
VICTORIA SECRET - their small =10, medium = 12, large = 14

STEP ONE - we are a similar fit M= 32-34' jeans waist
TRADIE - we are a similar fit

BONDS - we are a more generous fit
CALVIN KLEIN - we are a similar fit

What our Models are Wearing

  • Jazzy is wearing a size xxx


    Jazzy wears a size 8 in jeans and a size 8 in our briefs.

    She is a size 10C in bras and wore an 6/8 bra & 10/12 in our bra crop in the shoot.


    Skyla wears a size 12 in jeans and a 12 in our briefs for the shoot.

    She is a 12C in bras and wore a 10/12 bra & 10/12 bra crop in our shoot.


    Amelia wears a size 16 in jeans and the same in briefs for our shoot.

    She is a 16DD in bras and wore a 14/16 bra & 14/16 bra crop in our shoot.

  • Underwear for Humanity ethical deep green wire less recycled bra

    laura 20c, size 20 briefs

    Laura is a size 20 in jeans and wore size 20 briefs in our shoot.

    She is a size 20C in bras and wore a size 18/20 bra & 18/20 bra crop in the shoot, but preferred the looser 22/24. The bras are made from a seamfree tube and are flexible in fit. If you are a larger cup size, we recommend the firmer band for support, match your size.

  • jess 18h/10g, size 20 briefs

    Jess is a size 20 in jeans and wore a size 20 in the photos.

    She is a 18H/20G in bras, she wore the 18/20 for the shoot and loves how this feels and has been wearing it all the time!

    Her advice for other women with larger breasts is that the logo will not be visible but the band functions well. We expected this in development for H size cups.

  • lauren 12c, size 12 briefs

    Laura was 9 months pregnant at the time of the shoot, her baby girl Bobbi has arrived and both are doing great!

    She is wearing a 10/12 maternity bra in this shoot and is finding it is stretching perfectly for feeding, with her fluctuating size with milk.


We have matched our trunks back to jean sizing to make finding your fit as easy as possible.

COREY - our main model, wore a size M in our shoot and wears 32" jeans.

30-32" = S
32-34" = M
34-36" = L
38-40" = 2XL
40-44" = 3XL/4XL
44-48" = 5XL/6XL