About us

We are actioning the vision of the next economy.

As a conscious consumer brand, we see a future where the fashion industry prioritises planet and people over profit. The industry’s current paradigm of take, use and waste will shift into a circular economy where resources will be valued. Clothing items will be consciously chosen, treasured, repaired, reused, and then eventually taken back for recycling. The definition of waste will change, and our addiction to fast fashion will be a thing of the past. We exist to be a part of this new economy.

Kelly Barrett, Founder of conscious consumer brand Underwear for Humanity


There are trailblazers that are taking these steps for the fashion industry now, and one of them is our founder of our carbon-neutral fashion brand, Kelly Barrett. With over 20 years’ experience, Kelly is a veteran of the industry and an expert in underwear. She is relentless in her passion to create a better, fairer world and has poured over every aspect of Underwear for Humanity in uncompromising detail.

Born in Melbourne, Kelly is a mother of three with a deep respect for nature and Indigenous wisdom. She has studied fashion at the London College of Fashion, worked in corporate and is a successful entrepreneur of two businesses; Starcorp Textiles and Silent Arrow, and has also undertaken a second degree in clothing sustainability. Kelly is a disruptive, original thinker and is committed to evolving her industry.