Supporting access to equal opportunity and employment for all young people

We partner with Social Engine for our warehouse pick and pack process 

Everybody knows somebody with a kid who is struggling - whether they’re experiencing challenges with Autism, mental health, school pressures, challenges at home, or even homelessness. Sometimes, these circumstances mean that a young person gets left behind, and mainstream employment may not be an option.

We strongly believe that all young people deserve equal opportunity for learning and for employment, and we recognise that not all young people have the same access to a strong support network in their lives. 

That’s why we’ve partnered with Melbourne-based social enterprise, Social Engine, for our underwear pick and pack process. We want all of our touch points to have meaning and to be socially regenerative, and we’re thrilled to support the amazing work Social Engine is doing in creating a positive impact for our young people and their futures.

Social Engine 

Social Engine’s mission is to build life skills and provide real-world work experience that enables young people to secure real jobs. 

Their primary purpose is to change lives through getting at-risk young people into work that matters, whilst also raising awareness of the issues surrounding youth unemployment.   

By working with young people who have never worked before, and for whom the mainstream workforce is not currently an option, they help to develop confidence, self-esteem and independence through paid work opportunities and support with the practical steps towards getting (and keeping employment), for example:

  • Learning about commitment and work routines, e.g. turning up on time, time management for breaks, etc. 
  • Developing teamwork skills
  • Socialisation
  • Getting a driver's licence
  • Getting real-world work experience
  • Preparing a CV
  • Learning how to prepare for an interview
  • Support to organise clothes for an interview lcome customers to your store.