10 big-busted FJ readers share their favourite bras for big boobs

10 big-busted FJ readers share their favourite bras for big boobs

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“Bras for bigger boobs generally look like they came out of yiayia’s closet.”

Not all bras are made the same and the shortcomings become all the more clear as the cup size increases. Comfort and support often replace aesthetic appeal with larger bras, while many lingerie labels simply don’t offer a range of sizes that caters to bigger busts.

While smaller sizes are typically available in a plethora of colours, fabrics, cuts – you name it – once you get beyond the DD cup (if the brand even offers sizes bigger than that), you suddenly find yourself in a sea of beige moulded cups and thick, heavy-duty straps that aren’t hiding under any of your summer tops.

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Since bra shopping can be such a nightmare, some big boob-owners choose to go bra-free, though that’s not an option for everyone – especially those who rely on bras for support. So, to help ease your bra shopping (and back) pain, we asked our big-busted readers to share their favourite bras for big boobs.

Jenny*, she/her, 42


Underwear for Humanity’s recycled wireless crop is my go-to bra. It’s soft, supportive, and doesn’t give me uni-boob, even though it’s wireless. I’m a 36E and it’s honestly really hard to find a comfortable, non-restrictive bra that makes you feel good and doesn’t look hideous.

Bianca*, she/her, 28

If you’re larger than a H cup, it’s just trial and error based on how your boobs are behaving at that moment. Right now, my favourite bra is the Triumph Ladyform, but it’s not the most aesthetically pleasing. When your options are so limited, you just have to go with anything that fits. I wish brands would make bigger busted bra options accessible, inclusive and fashionable.

Rabia*, she/her, 22

Bra shopping just sucks as a big-busted person. Bras that are comfortable but also look good are so few and far in between. Sports bras are even worse. Why is it that my boobs have to be strapped down and harnessed by what looks like a straight jacket? Make cute sports bras for big boobs, please and thank you.


A non-negotiable for me is that a bra must be comfortable! I can’t bring myself to wear bras that cut in or pinch in odd spots. My favourite is the Lonely Label bra in forest green, it’s comfortable but feels really sexy to wear.

Alia*, she/her, 28

It’s so damn hard to find a decent bra as someone with E cups. Like why do so many companies just not stock past D? It blows my mind. My favourites are Victoria’s Secret Dream Angel Demi Bra or Berlei or Triumph sports bras.

Aiyisha*, she/her, 33

Dora Larsen‘s cotton and tulle underwire bras are the only bras I’ve found that are FUN and FIT. Bras for bigger boobs generally look like they came out of yiayia’s closet. I don’t want inch-thick straps, textured fabric, or sculpting cups. I’ve got the boobs, I just want them lifted and naturally sitting on my chest in a soft cup. Sexy, fun colours is a bonus!


I’ve almost given up on finding strapless bras for bigger boobs. I wear stretchy bandeaus (but that can give sausage chest) or Simone Perele Essentiel Strapless (but that makes them look bigger than they are, which is not always good when you’re trying to wear itty bitty strapless clothes).

Emma*, she/her, 27

Ewa Michalak’s Czarna Mgielka SM Bra is incredible. It’s delicate and sexy but comfortable and sturdy enough to wear daily. The side panels haul your tits forward instead of outwards, making you look slimmer from the front, while still giving lift and volume. I can’t get over how comfortable and sexy this bra is. I recommend it to all my busty buddies.

The bras from this brand are handmade in Poland. I haven’t been able to find a bra as comfortable, or that last as long as Ewa Michalak bras. It sounds very simple, but a bra shouldn’t cause me pain. Being overly busty, I have a lot of back and neck pain. I have a low tolerance for pain – wires sticking into my side, feeling suffocated or having straps digging into my shoulders. If a bra makes my pain worse or distracts me from my day-to-day, I’m not bringing it home. 

Yael*, she/her, 34


I always reach for Simone Perele. As a bra-wearing person with a challenging size range (12/14 and F/G cup), the first thing is picking a brand with inclusive sizing. So many brands cap out their cup sizes at a DD in smaller band sizes, which makes getting a good fit challenging. If the brand doesn’t have trained fitters, don’t buy. You can’t see a bra in its relaxed state if you have pulling or tugging in the back, so lean on the professionals.

I also try to find bras that are still aesthetically pleasing. Many brands only carry larger cup sizes in conservative styles. Also, remember your bust size can change throughout the month, due to hormone fluctuations, so don’t be surprised if your favourite bra suddenly doesn’t fit for a week or two. Buy your bras at different times throughout the month and you’ll always have one that fits. If you can afford it, custom-made is always best.

Anna*, she/her, 27

My favourite bra is the Berlei Barely There Contour Bra. It would be nice to have colourful and glamorous bras that offer support – they seem to be impossible to find. Instead, I am left sagging into a thin piece of lace.  

Ruby*, she/her, 30


Kat the Label has just launched a 2S size which is perfect for my 10E boobs. I’m a size eight to ten, so usually, the band gets too big, but this is nice and snug. It’s always been a struggle to find nice-looking bras and bikinis when you have large boobs, so I’m very glad to have found Kat the Label. 

Daiya*, she/her, 30

The Triumph Sheer Minimiser Bra is my favourite. It is supportive with an underwire, minimises projection by a cup size (which is a big deal for an F cup) and it’s sheer and lacey, so I still feel somewhat sexy. My non-negotiables when it comes to finding a good bra are underwire for support (F cup size + age + gravity = unbearably heavy!), no padding and no major grandma vibes. 

*Names have been changed.

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