We are currently living outside of our planetary boundaries and are yet to peak our carbon output. A radical shift in our thinking is needed now more than ever. Buy what you need and treasure it. Buy from conscious brands.

As part of our sustainable fashion practices, we are uncompromising on the materials and processes we use, including regenerated eucalyptus and utilising waste to create recycled items. We invented our own recycled elastic because we could not buy it.

Garment dyes are harmful to both people and planet; therefore, we choose Oeko-tex certified safe dye-houses to protect our waterways, people working with them, and the end user wearing them.

The fashion industry produces vast amounts of waste in the shipping and packaging of products. We use 100% FSC recycled cardboard with soy-based inks to create a minimalist, compostable packaging for our underwear.

We invented our own system of shipping product to completely eliminate single use plastics bags.

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