Pay the rent

We recognise the injustice caused by colonisation and acknowledge our privilege to operate on unceded land.

We are deeply disturbed by the treatment and dislocation of Indigenous people from their land. We have a pay-the-rent obligation as the land we operate on was stolen from its rightful owners, and we benefit from that stolen land. That is why 10c from every item purchased with us goes to Pay the Rent. As we will not be profitable for 2 years, 10c is a modest start and we will increase this as soon as we are able. We must all be considering how we can contribute to paying the rent in Australia and we hope that this acknowledgment on our product will spark that conversation and consciousness.

What is Pay the Rent?

The Pay the Rent Grassroots Collective is an Indigenous organisation that supports Indigenous initiatives, and advocate for the need to ‘Pay the Rent’ in reparation of benefitting from stolen land. All funds given to Pay the Rent are distributed according to the insights and wisdom of the Sovereign Body, who centre the self-determination, social justice and sovereignty of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people in all they do. Some of their projects include contributing toward funeral expenses within Indigenous communities and financial support to those affected by deaths in custody.


We have a deep respect for Indigenous wisdom and feel that connecting with it is key to solving our planetary damage and disconnection from country.

Our partnerships include:

donna stolzenberg

work training program

aunty delta kay

Aunty Delta Kay, an Indigenous collaborator with Underwear for Humanity.
Michael Jalaru Torres, an Indigenous collaborator with Underwear for Humanity.

michael jalaru torres

skyla lauch

Skyla Lauch, an Indigenous collaborator with Underwear for Humanity.