Design for Circularity Award 2023 - Planet Ark - Australian Circular Economy Hub

Design for Circularity Award 2023 - Planet Ark - Australian Circular Economy Hub

Underwear for Humanity has won the Design for Circularity award from Planet Ark Foundation Australian Circular Economy Hub #circularity2022 #ACEawards 🏆🏆🏆
Costa Georgiadi, the emcee shared some words from the judges: 

“An innovative product with conscious recycling scheme for underwear from any brand to be recycled, sorted and turned into insulation - with a strong social impact.

The judges saw a unique approach through the vision to reuse, recycle and upcycle underwear - ticking a number of boxes across the R-strategies. Further to this, Underwear for Humanity's social impact highlighted a truly circular approach - providing meaningful and ethical work opportunities and more for people of different backgrounds, charities and shelters.”


The Australian Circular Economy Awards (ACE Awards) in its inaugural year for 2022, recognises and celebrates those who are driving Australia’s transition to a circular economy. Its aims are to create awareness, inspire others and work towards integrating new and innovative circular economy practices as the norm in Australia and the Asia Pacific region.


#Circularity 2022

Circularity is a new a dedicated annual circular economy conference brought to you by Planet Ark’s Australian Circular Economy Hub (ACE Hub) and Diversified Communications Australia. Held over two days at the Hilton Sydney for its inaugural year, Circularity’s program comprises of a multi-stream conference, exhibition, networking events and ACE Awards gala dinner. Circularity aims to propel our region’s economy into the future by showcasing the best of circular design, practice and research. The event brings thought leaders together to discuss solutions and catalyse action across the Asia-Pacific.


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