20 Pairs Of Breathable Cotton Underwear That Are Just As Cute As They Are Comfy

20 Pairs Of Breathable Cotton Underwear That Are Just As Cute As They Are Comfy

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When it comes to underwear, we have the tendency to be picky about what we add to our lingerie collection, but rightfully so when you consider that they are in constant close contact with one of the most sensitive and temperamental parts of our bodies.
Although we love the fact that a set of lacy knickers is like a wearable secret we can keep hidden under our everyday clothes, when it comes to the health of our vaginas, cotton underwear is better for the job. According to Dr Raquel Dardik from the Tisch Women’s Health Centre, “Cotton, in general, tends to be non-irritating to your skin.”
“The external skin around your vagina is like regular skin, but just a little bit more sensitive," she tells Refinery29. "So if you have material that irritates your skin normally, you might have minor inflammation to the area.”

“Most of the synthetic fabrics, as well as silk, are not that breathable,” Dr. Dardik says, “and for women who have sensitive skin and yeast infections, the most breathable material [like cotton] is really what works best [when it comes to underwear].”
“Of course, if you're the kind of person who never has issues with vaginal irritation and infections, you can wear whatever you want,” Dr. Dardik advises. So don't throw out your lacy lingerie sets just yet!
Ahead, we give you our picks of the best breathable cotton underwear available right here in Australia, so you can update your collection with cute and comfy pieces.

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