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The Good People Podcast - by In Other Good News


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Andy says:

Kelly Barrett decided from a very young age that she had to take control of her own destiny.

She's a firm believer that the game of  life isn't played on a level playing field, so she was determined not to let her humble beginnings in the commission flats in Werribee, shape her future for her.

Having been served her fair share of back fortune, Kelly's resilience and determination were key to finding the gold at the end of the rainbow.  Hard work, and a handful of sliding door moments presented opportunities which Kelly managed to convert into education and career building moments, and eventually to creating her own company designing underwear.

But Kelly needed more, and after seeing the impact other organisations were having through the bushfires of 2019, she knew what she had to do.

She set out to create and underwear brand that not only makes quality products, but gives back to the community and environment at every turn.

And so, Underwear For Humanity was born, pioneering underwear recycling,  giving to charity,  ethical production, and even giving opportunity to the organisations who pack the orders.

Kelly was extremely honest and vulnerable in this interview,  It's a story she has never fully told before and I thank her for putting it all out there for us, so that we can take some of the lessons for ourselves.

Thank you Kelly!

If you need underwear, you can check out Underwear For Humanity here:

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