Recycled Maternity Bra
Recycled Maternity Bra
Recycled Maternity Bra
Recycled Maternity Bra
Recycled Maternity Bra
Recycled Maternity Bra

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Recycled Material

+ We’ve used GRS certified recycled nylon that is made from industrial waste and diverted from landfill. Learn More

Resources Saved

+ By opting for recycled fibre we have utilised waste and diverted it from landfill. Recycled yarn has a significantly lower carbon footprint compared to virgin fibres. Learn More

Carbon Positive

+ We are a certified Carbon Positive business, meaning we buy 1.5 times more carbon offsets than we produce. Learn More

Ethically Made

+ Our undies are made in BSCI certified factories in China where workers are paid 60% above the living wage. Learn More


+ For every purchase, we donate one pair of undies to someone in need. Learn More

Socially Regenerative

+ We are a certified Social Enterprise partnering with the National Homeless Collective to provide workplace training for those experiencing or at further risk of homelessness. Learn More

Recycling Hub

+ We take back any brand of underwear and recycle them, so that they can be repurposed and diverted from landfill. Learn More

Our maternity bra  is soft and stretchy, yet supportive without digging. It features a drop sling cup and gold clips that easily open with one hand - making it one of the comfiest nursing bras. 

Because it is stretchy and seamfree it copes easily with fluctuating cup size around feeding times. 

It is created using GRS certified recycled seamfree yarn and in-house developed recycled elastic with a non-toxic logo print. 

Perfect for B-E cup sizes, but has been worn by higher cup sizes with less coverage. Sizing info


TENCEL™ is an eco-friendly fiber made from responsibly sourced wood pulp. The wood pulp is dissolved in a closed-loop process with a non-toxic organic solvent, then the solution is forced through tiny holes in order to create an absorbent biodegradable fiber that feels softer and lighter than cotton.
  • Wilma is 180 cm and wears a small in black
  • Safa is 170 cm and wears a large
  • If in doubt, size up one size
View the size guide below

size guide

Buy the band size you wear, for example if you wear a size 12E, buy 12/14.

Fits well up to an E cup, past E coverage lessens.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Cutest maternity bra I’ve found!

I started wearing maternity bras while pregnant, and have breastfed for almost two years - that’s close to three years of wearing different brands and styles of nursing bras. I wish I tried this one sooner, it’s by far my favourite. It looks incredible but so functional. I would only wear these if I breastfeed again in the future!!!

G cups

Being pregnant and post-partum has changed my body so much, its really weird being a size 10 with G cups! So finding bras that fit, and suit me nursing my 18mo twins is hard, but I loved the old Silent Arrow (only maternity bras I ever wore) and really needed something new.
I bought a 10-12, because I have a small back, and was a bit worried about how it would fit my cup. It's actually really good!
It sits like magic across my back, perfectly straight. I can't see the logo or anything on the front, and when my boobs are full, it requires a bit of rearranging to sit nicely and not spill out. The straps are a bit narrow, but getting my boobs in and out with the clasps is awesome.
It doesnt need to be the most perfect fit, because I still have my SA bras. This fits the need of, comfortable, simple, effective, and extending the life of my SAs. I will definitely be wearing these as my go to daily bra now.

Cristel Chambers
Excellent knickers!

Really comfy & practical undies. I bought a nursing bra, a bra crop & bikini briefs, all of which are wonderful quality, environmentally responsible and helping folk who could use it by donating a pair to people in need, for each pair purchased. Plus they take and recycle your undies when theyre no longer useful. What more could you want in your underwear!? Will be purchasing a few more to keep me going, looking forward to putting the nursing bra to use breastfeeding soon, but it works well as a normal bra too. Thanks for this wonderful enterprise & product.

Danielle M.
E cup pre-maternity

I can't speak for breastfeeding just yet as I'm not due until March, but I'm delighted by the comfort and support from this bra. As a pre-pregnancy E cup I had been extremely worried about comfort through the changes of my sizing, but so far I'm getting everything I need from the UFH maternity bra!

Comfy bra

Comfortable enough bra. Looks cute and I love the little details.
One thing that bugs me, is that it rolls at the band. Loved the maternity bras from your previous business. They were 100%

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