Flow Midi Bikini - Period Undies
Flow Midi Bikini - Period Undies
Flow Midi Bikini - Period Undies
Flow Midi Bikini - Period Undies
Flow Midi Bikini - Period Undies
Flow Midi Bikini - Period Undies
Flow Midi Bikini - Period Undies

Flow Midi Bikini - Period Undies

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Our Flow Undies are the perfect companion to a zero-waste empowered period, bought once, to then last for years.

We chose regenerated eucylyptus Tencel for our Flow period undies because:

  • It is the most absorbent fibre available
  • It rapidly absorbs moisture and very quickly spreads it across its nanofibre structure, which means you will feel drier
  • It also holds 50% more fluid than cotton
  • Thermoregulating - it naturally has a thermal control to keep you cool
  • Incredibly soft and gentle against the skin
  • Naturally antibacterial without the use of toxic chemicals
  • Highly breathable
  • Made from a renewable fast growing source, eucylptus trees

These qualities mean that we can engineer period undies without bulk. We use layers of Tencel in key areas to maximise aborption and still feeling light. 

They inclued a waterproof, breathable layer made from Oeko-Tex certified toxin free PU laminated Tencel. It extends from the front gusset up to the back waist, ensuring no leaks when sitting and lying down. 

We have developed a matching reusable liner pad that sits on the gusset for additional absorption on heavy days, this extends the length of wear and makes it easy to change when at work withouth changing your undies. 

Our Flow undies as a sustainable solution, but also one that reconnects you to your body and away from commercial plastic mass market products. 

One pair of undies can be worn all day, if it is a heavy day add our Flow Washable Liner or make your own (we have shared the pattern on our liner listing). 

And most importantly, choosing these period undies means another person that cannot afford them is getting period undies for free one-for-one, let's erase period poverty. 


TENCEL™ is an eco-friendly fiber made from responsibly sourced wood pulp. The wood pulp is dissolved in a closed-loop process with a non-toxic organic solvent, then the solution is forced through tiny holes in order to create an absorbent biodegradable fiber that feels softer and lighter than cotton.
  • Wilma is 180 cm and wears a small in black
  • Safa is 170 cm and wears a large
  • If in doubt, size up one size
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Thorn Raven
Most comfortable period undies I have worn

Wearing these for the first time today, so far: super comfortable and absorbing well, and compared to other period undies I have worn I am loving how light and non-bulky they are.

My faves now

I love how light these feel, I feel like I am wearing normal undies. I had been using modibodi, bonds and thinx ones from Woolies and they all make me feel like I’m wearing a nappy. These are definitely my favourites and I’ve ordered more. I read the other reviews and I haven’t noticed any sound at all.

Will get more

I have just replaced my Modibodies with these babies. Very happy. They are super comfy, seem to wash out easier and dry quicker, and feel nicer to wear, more breathable. Small things to note, they have a slight rustling noise when dry, and because the pad goes all the way up the back, I do feel a little bulkier but I like that there's no risk of leaks so... not bad, just different to what I'm used to and I'd buy more because they're so comfy.

Thanks for your review and support Emma! Just a note on the rustling sound, once they are washed and worn a couple of times that will go! I had that issue at first too and now don't have any sound.

Katie Harvey
Confused and unsure but hopeful.

First time period undies user, and so far they’re very comfortable, nice and stretchy, breathable - all the things they promised they would be. I’ll get used to feeling… damp, I guess. But my concern is the very obvious crinkling sound they make when I walk. I guess it’s the lining. Do all period undies do this? I might have to save them for night time or when I’m at home.

Hey Katie, thanks for your support! Period undies are very different than disposable products and are all a bit damp. The tencel fabric we chose is the least damp because it has a capillary action that distributes fluid quickly. With the sound, please wash and wear again, it goes! i know it is disconcerting. Mine make no sound now. Please let us know how you go. hello@underwearforhumanity.com.au


I own a few different period brands and the quality difference between them all is crazy. THESE ARE THE MOST BREATHABLE undies I have worn. I love my period undies but in the summer they can get a bit sweaty and uncomfortable, these have not. I am also pretty happy with the coverage, I haven’t worn them at night yet but I am pretty confident they are going to be awesome.

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