Flow Period Washable Liner - 2 pack
Flow Period Washable Liner - 2 pack
Flow Period Washable Liner - 2 pack
Flow Period Washable Liner - 2 pack

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Sustainable Materials

+ Our undies are made with a sustainable fibre called Tencel, which is produced from the wood pulp of FSC certified Eucalyptus trees in a non-toxic closed-loop process. Learn More

Resources Saved

+ Tencel uses use less water, carbon and chemicals compared to cotton and bamboo, saving finite planetary resources. Learn More

Carbon Positive

+ We are a certified Carbon Positive business, meaning we buy 1.5 times more carbon than we produce. Learn More

Ethically Made

+ Our undies are made in BSCI certified factories in China where workers are paid 60% above the living wage. Learn More


+ For every purchase, we donate one pair of undies to someone in need. Learn More

Socially Regenerative

+ We are a certified Social Enterprise partnering with the National Homeless Collective to provide workplace training for those experiencing or at further risk of homelessness. Learn More

Recycling Hub

+ We take back any brand of underwear and recycle them, so that they can be repurposed and diverted from landfill. Learn More

Our Flow liner is the perfect companion to our Flow undies and a vital ingredient for a zero-waste, empowered period and it will last you for years.

Don't be fooled by the name ‘liner’ - its holding capacity is equivalent to 3 tampons.

We recommend using the liner in addition to the Flow undies on heavy days - this gives you the flexibility to change the liner without changing your underwear. 

We use regenerated eucalyptus Tencel because it’s the most absorbent fibre available. The liner has layers of Tencel in key areas to maximise absorption without feeling bulky. 

Why we love Tencel:

  • Holds 50% more fluid than cotton
  • Rapidly absorbs and quickly spreads moisture across its nanofibre structure, which means you will feel drier
  • Thermoregulating - it has a natural thermal control to keep you cool
  • Naturally antibacterial without the use of toxic chemicals
  • Incredibly soft and gentle against the skin
  • Highly breathable
  • Made from a renewable fast growing source, eucalyptus trees


Would you like to make your own version? Check out our pattern that you can download for free, and upcycle your old textile materials into your very own Flow liner.


TENCEL™ is an eco-friendly fiber made from responsibly sourced wood pulp. The wood pulp is dissolved in a closed-loop process with a non-toxic organic solvent, then the solution is forced through tiny holes in order to create an absorbent biodegradable fiber that feels softer and lighter than cotton.
  • Wilma is 180 cm and wears a small in black
  • Safa is 170 cm and wears a large
  • If in doubt, size up one size
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Customer Reviews

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Good concept

I just tried out a liner on a heavy day. Because it's a fabric strip, it moves around a bit and didn't sit evenly on the panties like a liner, which I was expecting. It wasn't uncomfortable, I think if you're a really heavy bleeder the unevenness might be tricky.. But DID absorb plenty!! Also, if you don't need to change it, it can be a little awkward when going to the bathroom and pulling undies up and down, since it moves around.. nearly fell out on the floor once or twice during the day. But is far less bulky and a lot easier to change when at work than a pair of knickers, and good to have the extra support on a heavy day. I'll keep trying and see how I go!

Thanks Emma! Yes we are trialling this concept. It is super useful when you don't want to change your undies in the day, but agree you have to remember or it can easily fall out on the loo! Please keep us up to date on how you go, it is great to get the feedback x